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If you want to take the pleasure of the beautiful National Park of Ranthambhore them you should board the Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore. It is quite near to the park and that is why it is quite easy for the tourist to visit this prime attraction of the city.

Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore has 60 rooms. The quarters are pretty comfortable and you can easily stay here during your long vacation. The rooms are quite clean so you will not have any complaints as far as hygiene is concerned. Room Facilities at Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore include air-conditioners that will help you to escape the heat. The baths are all attached ones. Here you will get cold and hot water facilities.

You will get deluxe rooms and Cottages that have cable televisions where you will enjoy various international channels. There is verandah and big Lawn here where you will be able to relax and take a look at the beautiful view outside. The accommodations also have chairs and tables.

Apart from these facilities the easy availability of transport and the perfect Location of Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore saves the time and energy of business guests. They can go to any part of the city and the country within a short time.

The Jaipur Airport is not very far from the property. Fitness and Recreation. If you come during the winter months you can watch the various entertainment programs that are organized by the resort authorities. Travelers can also ask the hotel management to arrange a safari for them. Often there is puppet shows held here that are enjoyed by both foreign and local tourists. If you want to bring some more thrills into your holiday then you can ride a camel. These animals are the main mode of transport in the middle of the desert.

You can also rest in the cozy rooms of the hotel and enjoy the Room Facilities at Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore.

Travelers who are a bit conscious about hygiene can rest assure. Moreover the strategic Location of Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore makes it easy to find out and thus saves the energy of the traveler. The Hotel Amenities and Services at Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore attempts to increase the comfort level of the foreign tourist in an unknown land. Ankur Resort in Ranthambhore does not neglect its services; rather it attempts to make them more tourist friendly. The amenities that a traveler gets here make his holiday even more pleasurable and relaxing.

It will definitely give tourists much relief in a new country.

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